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Native Grasslands at the Core: A New Paradigm of Intensification for the Campos of Southern South America to Increase Economic and Environmental Sustainability

Martín Jaurena, Martín Durante, Thais Devincenzi, Jean V. Savian, Diego Bendersky, Fernanda G. Moojen, Marcelo Pereira, Pablo Soca, Fernando L. F. Quadros, Rafael Pizzio, Carlos Nabinger, Paulo C. F. Carvalho and Fernando A. Lattanzi
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Synergistic effects of long‐term herbivory and previous fire on fine‐scale heterogeneity of prescribed grassland burns

Chhaya M. Werner, Duncan Kimuyu, Kari E. Veblen, Ryan L. Sensenig, Eric LaMalfa and Truman P. Young
Ecology 102 (4) (2021)

Climate Variability Rather Than Livestock Grazing Dominates Changes in Alpine Grassland Productivity Across Tibet

Meng Li, Jianshuang Wu, Yunfei Feng, Ben Niu, Yongtao He and Xianzhou Zhang
Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 9 (2021)

Integrating eddy fluxes and remote sensing products in a rotational grazing native tallgrass prairie pasture

Pradeep Wagle, Prasanna H. Gowda, James P.S. Neel, Brian K. Northup and Yuting Zhou
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Feeding and spatial behaviours of transhumant cattle in southern Benin: implications for the sustainable management of rangelands

Rodrigue V Cao Diogo, Josias Steve Adjassin, Luc Hippolyte Dossa and Ibrahim Alkoiret Traoré
African Journal of Range & Forage Science 37 (4) 268 (2020)

How does pasture size alter plant–herbivore interactions among grazing cattle?

Bertrand Dumont, Nicolas Rossignol, Francis Decuq, Priscilla Note and Anne Farruggia
Grass and Forage Science 75 (4) 438 (2020)

Mechanisms of Grazing Management in Heterogeneous Swards

Arthur Pontes-Prates, Paulo César de Faccio Carvalho and Emilio Andrés Laca
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Spatial Heterogeneity of Vegetation Structure, Plant N Pools and Soil N Content in Relation to Grassland Management

Juliette M. G. Bloor, Antoine Tardif and Julien Pottier
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Sward patterns created by patch grazing are stable over more than a decade

Bettina Tonn, Christoph Raab and Johannes Isselstein
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Foraging responses of sheep to plant spatial micro-patterns can cause diverse associational effects of focal plant at individual and population levels

Yue Huang, Ling Wang, Deli Wang, De-Hui Zeng, Yexing Li, Jun Liu, Yue Wang and Dehua Wang
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Domestic pig uprooting emerges as an undesirable disturbance on vegetation and soil properties in a plateau wetland ecosystem

Hang Wang, Yun Zhang, Guanglei Chen, Christian Hettenhausen, Zhengya Liu, Kun Tian and Derong Xiao
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Predation risk influences feeding rates but competition structures space use for a common Pacific parrotfish

Kathryn Davis, P. M. Carlson, D. Bradley, R. R. Warner and J. E. Caselle
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Response of young and adult birds to the same environmental variables and different spatial scales during post breeding period

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Tradeoffs between forage quality and soil fertility: Lessons from Himalayan rangelands

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Simple versus Diverse Temperate Pastures: Aspects of Soil-Plant-Animal Interrelationships Central to Nitrogen Leaching Losses

Ronaldo E. Vibart, Iris Vogeler, Mike Dodd and John Koolaard
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Herbivore space use influences coral reef recovery

Yoan Eynaud, Dylan E. McNamara and Stuart A. Sandin
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Managing the herbage utilisation and intake by cattle grazing rangelands

J. W. Oltjen and S. A. Gunter
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Forage choice in pasturelands: Influence on cattle foraging behavior and performance1,2

J. J. Villalba, R. Cabassu and S. A. Gunter
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Effect of rotationally grazing perennial ryegrass white clover or perennial ryegrass only swards on dairy cow feeding behaviour, rumen characteristics and sward depletion patterns

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Livestock Science 169 48 (2014)

Daily feeding site selection of cattle and sheep co-grazing a heterogeneous subtropical grassland

Estanislao Martín Díaz Falú, Miguel Ángel Brizuela, María Silvia Cid, et al.
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Grazing intensity affects insect diversity via sward structure and heterogeneity in a long-term experiment

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The effects of grassland management and aspect on Orthoptera diversity and abundance: site conditions are as important as management

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Impact of grazing management on hibernating caterpillars of the butterfly Melitaea cinxia in calcareous grasslands

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Foraging paths through vegetation patches for beef cattle in semi-natural pastures

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Impact of selective grazing on plant production and quality through floristic contrasts and current-year defoliation in a wet grassland

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A hierarchical model for analysing the stability of vegetation patterns created by grazing in temperate pastures

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An improved grazed class method to estimate species selection and dry matter intake by cows at pasture

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Group sizes and resting locations of free range pigs when grazing in a natural environment

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Decision-Making in Przewalski Horses (Equus ferus przewalskii) is Driven by the Ecological Contexts of Collective Movements

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Agent-based modelling of foraging behaviour: the impact of spatial heterogeneity on disease risks from faeces in grazing systems

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REVIEW: The Interaction of Diurnal Grazing Pattern, Ruminal Metabolism, Nutrient Supply, and Management in Cattle

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Long-term dynamics of a semiarid grass steppe under stochastic climate and different grazing regimes: A simulation analysis

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The effect of spatial scale on plant associational defences against mammalian herbivores

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Effect of cattle grazing a species-rich mountain pasture under different stocking rates on the dynamics of diet selection and sward structure

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Dietary selection and ingestive behaviour of fallow deer and sheep grazing on adjacent monocultures of white clover and tall fescue

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Locating food in a spatially heterogeneous environment: Implications for fitness of the macrodecomposer Armadillidium vulgare (Isopoda: Oniscidea)

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