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The effect of a multi-carbohydrase enzyme and yeast-derived product on intestinal microbiome structure, activity, and gut function of turkeys

Anna Rogiewicz, Agata Józefiak, Dariusz Mikulski, Jerzy Juśkiewicz, Zenon Zduńczyk, Jan Jankowski, Damian Józefiak, Rob Patterson and Bogdan A. Slominski
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Effect of Diet Supplementation with Oat Hay and Whole Carrot on Rabbit Growth and Productive Efficiency

Mário Quaresma, Luisa Cristina Roseiro, Tatiana Ferreira, Maria Leonor Nunes and Gonçalo Pereira
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Impact of different dietary fibre sources on production performance, bacterial composition and metabolites in the caecal contents of rabbits

Gongyan Liu, Haitao Sun, Ce Liu, Liya Bai, Liping Yang, Wenxue Jiang and Shuxia Gao
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Effects of dietary inclusion of Xanthoceras sorbifolia Bunge leaves on growth performance, gastrointestinal development, digestive function and gut microbial flora of rabbits

Xuhui Zhang, Zhiyuan Sun, Yindi Cao, Yulian Chen, Shouke Li, Guibin Wang, Xiangshu Zhao and Fuliang Cao
Animal Feed Science and Technology 292 115438 (2022)

Dietary inclusion of fermented ginger straw effect on the growth performance, gastrointestinal tract development and caecal fermentation of fattening rabbits

Hai Tao Sun, Yong Wang, Li Ya Bai, Ce Liu, Yun Hua Xu, Shu Xia Gao, Wen Xue Jiang, Li Ping Yang and Gong Yan Liu
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Partial berseem hay replacement by Panicum maximum grass on caecal fermentation activity, performance, and carcass characteristics of growing rabbits

Salma H. Abu Hafsa and Ayman A. Hassan
Livestock Science 250 104593 (2021)

Investigations of the maintenance system of the Konik Polski horse and its effects on fecal microbiota activity during the winter and summer seasons

Jerzy Juśkiewicz, Bartosz Fotschki, Joanna Jaworska and Marta Siemieniuch
Animal Science Journal 92 (1) (2021)

Performance indicators and gastrointestinal response of rabbits to dietary soybean meal replacement with silkworm pupae and mealworm larvae meals

Janusz Strychalski, Jerzy Juśkiewicz, Dorota Kowalska and Andrzej Gugołek
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Comparison of In Vivo and In Vitro Digestibility in Rabbits

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Influence of Supplementation of Lactoferrin, Melittin and Cecropin A to Rat Diet on Changes in Faecal Ammonia Concentrations, Short-Chain Fatty Acid Concentrations and Activities of Bacterial Enzymes

Jerzy Juśkiewicz, Aleksandra Rawicka, Bartosz Fotschki, Michał Majewski and Zenon Zduńczyk
Animals 11 (5) 1203 (2021)

The effect of fish and mealworm larvae meals as alternative dietary protein sources on nutrient digestibility and gastrointestinal function in Chinchilla lanigera

Andrzej Gugołek, Janusz Strychalski, Jerzy Juśkiewicz and Ewa Żary-Sikorska
Experimental Animals 69 (1) 70 (2020)

The effect of diets containing raw and fermented faba beans on gut functioning and growth performance in young turkeys

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Effect of substituting guinea grass with sunflower hulls on production performance and digestion traits in fattening rabbits

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Nutritive value and anthelmintic effect of sainfoin pellets fed to experimentally infected growing rabbits

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Bodyweight and body condition score in rabbits on four different feeding regimes

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Usability of rapeseed cake and wheat-dried distillers’ grains with solubles in the feeding of growing Californian rabbits

Janusz Strychalski, Jerzy Juśkiewicz, Andrzej Gugołek, et al.
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Feed intake limitation strategies for the growing rabbit: effect on feeding behaviour, welfare, performance, digestive physiology and health: a review

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Effect of diets on growth, digestibility, carcass and meat quality characteristics of four rabbit breeds

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Effect of Humulus scandens for Traditional Fiber Sources on Digestion, Diarrhea, and Performance of Growing Rabbits

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Effects of a lignin-rich fibre diet on productive, reproductive and endocrine parameters in nulliparous rabbit does

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Follicular, Oocyte and Embryo Features Related to Metabolic Status in Primiparous Lactating does Fed with High-Fibre Rearing Diets

M Arias-Álvarez, RM García-García, PG Rebollar, et al.
Reproduction in Domestic Animals (2009)

Efeito da utilização de dietas simplificadas, à base de forragem, sobre a digestibilidade e o desempenho de coelhos Nova Zelândia

Haroldo Garcia de Faria, Walter Motta Ferreira, Cláudio Scapinello and Carlos Eugênio Ávila de Oliveira
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Caecal fermentation characteristics, blood composition and growth of rabbits on substitution of soya-bean meal by unconventional high-glucosinolate mustard (Brassica juncea) meal as protein supplement

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Neutral detergent-soluble fiber improves gut barrier function in twenty-five-day-old weaned rabbits1

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Effect on digestion and performance of dietary protein content and of increased substitution of lucerne hay with soya-bean protein concentrate in starter diets for young rabbits

S. Chamorro, M.S. Gómez-Conde, A.M. Pérez de Rozas, et al.
Animal 1 (5) 651 (2007)

Digestibilidade, cecotrofia, desempenho e rendimento de carcaça de coelhos em crescimento alimentados com rações contendo óleo vegetal ou gordura animal

Vanusa Patrícia de Araújo Ferreira, Walter Motta Ferreira, Eloísa de Oliveira Simões Saliba, et al.
Revista Brasileira de Zootecnia 35 (4 suppl) 1696 (2006)

Effect of a reduction of dietary particle size by substituting a mixture of fibrous by-products for lucerne hay on performance and digestion of growing rabbits and lactating does

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Induction of epithelial hypoplasia in rat cecal and distal colonic mucosa by grape antioxidant dietary fiber

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Nutrition Research 26 (12) 651 (2006)

Inter-relationship of microbial activity, digestion and gut health in the rabbit: effect of substituting fibre by starch in diets having a high proportion of rapidly fermentable polysaccharides

Thierry Gidenne, Nathalie Jehl, André Lapanouse and Muriel Segura
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Effect of inclusion of sunflower hulls in the diet on performance, disaccharidase activity in the small intestine and caecal traits of growing rabbits

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Microbial activity in the caecum of the rabbit around weaning: impact of a dietary fibre deficiency and of intake level

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