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2005 Vol. 54
pp. 153-236 Special issue
HEALTHYPIGUT Workshop 2 - Contribution of in vitro devices in evaluating alternatives to in-feed antibiotics for young pigs and comparisons with in vivo data
2004 Vol. 53
pp. 343-450 Special issue
Modelling of herd functioning in France and in tropical areas.
pp. 245-339 Special issue
HEALTHYPIGUT Workshop 1 - Digestive physiology, microbiology and immunology basis for gut function and dysfunction in pigs
1996 Vol. 45
pp. 11-363 Special issue
Satellite Symposiums of the IVth International Symposium on the Nutrition of Herbivores
1995 Vol. 44
pp. 31-383 Special issue
IVth International Symposium on the Nutrition of Herbivores
1994 Vol. 43
pp. 11s-64s Special issue
9èmes Journées des recherches sur l'alimentation et la nutrition des herbivores
1980 Vol. 29
pp. 17-421 Special issue
Energy and protein feeding standards applied to the rearing and finishing of beef cattle
1971 Vol. 20
pp. 607-714 Special issue
Le maïs grain : préstockage, séchage et qualité
1965 Vol. 14
pp. 3-137 Special issue
Quelques aspects des relations nutritionnelles entre la gestation et la lactation chez la truie