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Using n-alkanes to estimate herbage intake and diet composition of cattle fed with natural forages in Madagascar

H.J. Andriarimalala, J.C. Dubeux, D.M. Jaramillo, J.N. Rakotozandriny and P. Salgado
Animal Feed Science and Technology 273 114795 (2021)

Use of n-alkanes to estimate feed intake in ruminants: a meta-analysis

Jose Herilalao Andriarimalala, Jose Carlos B Dubeux, Nicolas DiLorenzo, David Mirabedini Jaramillo, Jean de Neupomuscène Rakotozandriny and Paulo Salgado
Journal of Animal Science 98 (10) (2020)

Nitrogen use efficiency, reticulo-ruminal pH and behaviour of lactating cows grazing either in a full-time system or in a part-time system with indoor feeding of fresh herbage and concentrate

F. S. Akert, M. Kreuzer, P. Hofstetter, J. Berard and B. Reidy
The Journal of Agricultural Science 158 (6) 527 (2020)

Herbage dry matter intake estimation of grazing dairy cows based on animal, behavioral, environmental, and feed variables

M. Rombach, K.-H. Südekum, A. Münger and F. Schori
Journal of Dairy Science 102 (4) 2985 (2019)

Application of natural wax markers in equine nutrition studies – current state, limitations and perspectives

Martin Bachmann, Johannes Hepp, Michael Zech, Michael Bulang and Annette Zeyner
Livestock Science 208 77 (2018)

Fatty acid profile of ghee derived from two genotypes (cattle–yak vs yak) grazing different alpine Himalayan pasture sites

S. Marquardt, S. R. Barsila, S. L. Amelchanka, N. R. Devkota, M. Kreuzer and F. Leiber
Animal Production Science 58 (2) 358 (2018)

Using plant wax markers to estimate the diet composition of grazing Holstein dairy cows

C. Heublein, K.-H. Südekum, F.L. Gill, F. Dohme-Meier and F. Schori
Journal of Dairy Science 100 (2) 1019 (2017)

Application of fecal near-infrared reflectance spectroscopy profiling for the prediction of diet nutritional characteristics and voluntary intake in beef cattle

J. R. Johnson, G. E. Carstens, S. D. Prince, K. H. Ominski, K. M. Wittenberg, M. Undi, T.D. A. Forbes, A. N. Hafla, D. R. Tolleson and J. A. Basarab
Journal of Animal Science 95 (1) 447 (2017)

Estimation of herbage intake and digestibility of grazing sheep in Zhenglan Banner of Inner Mongolia by using n-alkanes

Changqing Li, Alatengdalai, Shuyuan Xue, Atsushi Tajima and Naoto Ishikawa
Animal Nutrition 1 (4) 324 (2015)

Intake, feed conversion efficiency and grazing behaviour of two Holstein cow strains in a pasture-based production system under organic farming in Switzerland

Fredy Schori and Andreas Münger
Organic Agriculture (2014)

Grazing behaviour, physical activity and metabolic profile of two Holstein strains in an organic grazing system

S. Thanner, F. Schori, R. M. Bruckmaier and F. Dohme-Meier
Journal of Animal Physiology and Animal Nutrition 98 (6) 1143 (2014)

Prediction of faecal output and hay intake by cattle from NIRS estimates of faecal concentrations of orally-dosed polyethyleneglycol

Isabel Casasús and Elena Albanell
Animal Feed Science and Technology 192 48 (2014)

Comparison of energy expenditure, eating pattern and physical activity of grazing and zero-grazing dairy cows at different time points during lactation

F. Dohme-Meier, L.D. Kaufmann, S. Görs, et al.
Livestock Science 162 86 (2014)

Estimation of feed intake and digestibility in cattle consuming low-quality tropical roughage diets using molasses-based n-alkane boluses

M. Bezabih, W.F. Pellikaan, A. Tolera and W.H. Hendriks
Animal Feed Science and Technology 177 (3-4) 161 (2012)

Faecal near-infrared reflectance spectroscopy (NIRS) compared with other techniques for estimating the in vivo digestibility and dry matter intake of lactating grazing dairy cows

V. Decruyenaere, E. Froidmont, N. Bartiaux-Thill, A. Buldgen and D. Stilmant
Animal Feed Science and Technology 173 (3-4) 220 (2012)

Influence of alpine forage either employed as donor cow's feed or as incubation substrate on in vitro ruminal fatty acid biohydrogenation

R. Khiaosa-ard, C.R. Soliva, M. Kreuzer and F. Leiber
Livestock Science 140 (1-3) 80 (2011)

The validity of n-alkanes to estimate intake and digestibility in Nellore beef cattle fed a tropical grass (Brachiaria brizantha cv. Marandu)

J.A.S. Morais, T.T. Berchielli, A. de Vega, et al.
Livestock Science 135 (2-3) 184 (2011)

Use of plant hydrocarbons as markers to estimate voluntary intake and digestibility in beef steers

S.J. Chavez, G.B. Huntington and J.S. Burns
Livestock Science 139 (3) 245 (2011)

Does body size of dairy cows, at constant ratio of maintenance to production requirements, affect productivity in a pasture-based production system?

P. Hofstetter, M. Steiger Burgos, R. Petermann, et al.
Journal of Animal Physiology and Animal Nutrition 95 (6) 717 (2011)

Animal performance and production efficiencies of Holstein-Friesian, Jersey and Jersey × Holstein-Friesian cows throughout lactation

R. Prendiville, K.M. Pierce, L. Delaby and F. Buckley
Livestock Science 138 (1-3) 25 (2011)

An evaluation of production efficiencies among lactating Holstein-Friesian, Jersey, and Jersey×Holstein-Friesian cows at pasture

R. Prendiville, K.M. Pierce and F. Buckley
Journal of Dairy Science 92 (12) 6176 (2009)

Validation of the n-alkane and NIRS techniques to estimate intake, digestibility and diet composition in sheep fed mixed lucerne: ryegrass diets

A. Keli, D. Andueza, A. de Vega and J.A. Guada
Livestock Science 119 (1-3) 42 (2008)

Effect of extruded linseed on productive and reproductive performance of lactating dairy cows

M.C. Fuentes, S. Calsamiglia, C. Sánchez, et al.
Livestock Science 113 (2-3) 144 (2008)

N-alkanes to estimate voluntary forage intake of cattle using controlled-release capsules

Dimas Estrasulas de Oliveira, Marcelo de Queiroz Manella, Luis Orlindo Tedeschi, Sila Carneiro da Silva and Dante Pazzanese Duarte Lanna
Scientia Agricola 65 (3) 230 (2008)

Consumo e digestibilidade da matéria seca de fenos de braquiária decumbens e amendoim forrageiro em ovinos estimados por meio de n-alcanos

Nelson Massaru Fukumoto, Julio Cesar Damasceno, Cristiano Côrtes, et al.
Revista Brasileira de Zootecnia 36 (2) 471 (2007)

Preference of dairy cows for ryegrass, white clover and red clover, and its effects on nutrient supply and milk quality

H. Anette van Dorland, Hans-Ruedi Wettstein, Gilles Aeschlimann, Hans Leuenberger and Michael Kreuzer
Archives of Animal Nutrition 61 (5) 371 (2007)

Óxido de cromo e n-alcanos na estimativa do consumo de forragem de vacas em lactação em condições de pastejo

Mirton José Frota Morenz, José Fernando Coelho da Silva, Luiz Januário Magalhães Aroeira, et al.
Revista Brasileira de Zootecnia 35 (4) 1535 (2006)

A study on the causes for the elevated n−3 fatty acids in cows' milk of alpine origin

Florian Leiber, Michael Kreuzer, Daniel Nigg, Hans-Rudolf Wettstein and Martin Richard Leo Scheeder
Lipids 40 (2) 191 (2005)

Influence of protein supplementation frequency on cows consuming low-quality forage: Performance, grazing behavior, and variation in supplement intake1

C. S. Schauer, D. W. Bohnert, D. C. Ganskopp, C. J. Richards and S. J. Falck
Journal of Animal Science 83 (7) 1715 (2005)

Effects of Supplemental Hay and Corn Silage Versus Full-Time Grazing on Ruminal pH and Chewing Activity of Dairy Cows

C.M. Graf, M. Kreuzer and F. Dohme
Journal of Dairy Science 88 (2) 711 (2005)

Accuracy of estimates of herbage intake of lactating cows using alkanes: comparison of two types of capsules

D.O Molina, I Matamoros and A.N Pell
Animal Feed Science and Technology 114 (1-4) 241 (2004)

Evaluation of the dry matter intake predictions of the Cornell Net Carbohydrate and Protein System with Holstein and dual-purpose lactating cattle in the tropics

D.O Molina, I Matamoros, Z Almeida, L Tedeschi and A.N Pell
Animal Feed Science and Technology 114 (1-4) 261 (2004)

Effect of calving period on herbage intake and nutrient turnover of Simmental and Angus suckler cows with Angus sired calves grazing subalpine and alpine pastures

B.L. Estermann, H.-R. Wettstein, F. Sutter, D. Erdin and M. Kreuzer
Livestock Production Science 79 (2-3) 169 (2003)

Hat die Waldweide eine Zukunft? Ein interdisziplinäres Projekt in den Alpen | Is there a future for forest grazing? An interdisciplinary project in the Alps

Andrea Corinna Mayer, Veronika Stöckli,, Werner Konold and Michael Kreuzer
Schweizerische Zeitschrift fur Forstwesen 154 (5) 169 (2003)

Using molasses as an alternative to controlled release devices for administering n-alkane markers to cattle

R. E. Hendricksen, C. Gazzola, M. M. Reich, R. F. Roberton, D. J. Reid and R. A. Hill
Animal Science 76 (3) 471 (2003)

Effect of winter feeding level and season on herbage intake in dairy breed steers on perennial ryegrass/white clover pasture

B. Nielsen, S.M. Thamsborg, H.R. Andersen and T. Kristensen
Animal Science 76 (2) 341 (2003)

Effect of concentrate on nitrogen turnover and excretion of P, K, Na, Ca and Mg in lactating cows rotationally grazed at high altitude

N.R Berry, P.L Jewell, F Sutter, P.J Edwards and M Kreuzer
Livestock Production Science 71 (2-3) 261 (2001)

Limitations of high Alpine grazing conditions for early-lactation cows: effects of energy and protein supplementation

N. R. Berry, F. Sutter, R. M. Bruckmaier, J. W. Blum and M. Kreuzer
Animal Science 73 (1) 149 (2001)