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Ancient mitochondrial genome depicts sheep maternal dispersal and migration in Eastern Asia

Liu Yang, Xing Zhang, Yaning Hu, Piao Zhu, Hua Li, Zhenyu Peng, Hai Xiang, Xinying Zhou and Xingbo Zhao
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Responses of selected plasma metabolites to a two-day nutritional challenge of goats divergently selected for functional longevity

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Differentiation of Hair Sheep Breeds Based on the Physiological and Blood Biochemical Changes in Response to Different Stressors Using Multivariate Analysis Techniques

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The name of the game: palaeoproteomics and radiocarbon dates further refine the presence and dispersal of caprines in eastern and southern Africa

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Effect of olive pomace as supplement on growth, carcass and meat characteristics of Karadi lambs

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Comparison of alternative splicing (AS) events in adipose tissue of polled dorset versus small tail han sheep

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Effect of age and diet on carcass and meat quality in ewes

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The Tunisian Barbary sheep: A look at the morphostructural characteristics of purebred ewes reared under arid conditions

Sami Megdiche
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Does fat-tail docking and Zilpaterol hydrochloride (ZH) supplementation affect feedlot performance and carcass characteristics of finishing lambs?

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Life in Deserts: The Genetic Basis of Mammalian Desert Adaptation

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Effects of partial substitution of rosemary distillation residues to oat hay on digestive aspects, milk production, and metabolic statute of Tunisian local goats

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Genome-wide analyses reveal population structure and identify candidate genes associated with tail fatness in local sheep from a semi-arid area

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Performance of crossbred goat kids fed with diets varying in concentrate-to-forage ratio: intake, nutrient utilization, enteric methane emission and body weight changes

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Tick Infestation and Piroplasm Infection in Barbarine and Queue Fine de l’Ouest Autochthonous Sheep Breeds in Tunisia, North Africa

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Transcriptome Analysis Reveals Genes Involved in Thermogenesis in Two Cold-Exposed Sheep Breeds

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Heat stress effects on sheep: Are hair sheep more heat resistant?

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Short-, Medium- and Long-Term Metabolic Responses of Adult Meat Ewes Subjected to Nutritional and β-Adrenergic Challenges

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Expression of genes related to liver fatty acid metabolism in fat‐tailed and thin‐tailed lambs during negative and positive energy balances

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Eliel González-García, Moutaz Alhamada, Nathalie Debus, Jean-Baptiste Menassol, Anne Tesnière, Jéssica Gonçalves Vero, Bruna Barboza and François Bocquier

Rehabilitation of Barbarine cull ewes using rosemary residues and linseed: effect on weight gain, carcass characteristics and meat quality

Y. Ben Abdelmalek, S. Smeti, I. Mekki, et al.
Animal 13 (4) 879 (2019)

Genome-Wide Variation, Candidate Regions and Genes Associated With Fat Deposition and Tail Morphology in Ethiopian Indigenous Sheep

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Genome-wide scan of fat-tail sheep identifies signals of selection for fat deposition and adaptation

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Adaptation Mechanisms of Small Ruminants to Environmental Heat Stress

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Regulation of lipid metabolism in adipose depots of fat-tailed and thin-tailed lambs during negative and positive energy balances

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Earliest expansion of animal husbandry beyond the Mediterranean zone in the sixth millennium BC

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Selection signature analysis reveals genes associated with tail type in Chinese indigenous sheep

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A simulation-based approach for evaluating the effects of farm type, management, and rainfall on the water footprint of sheep grazing systems in a semi-arid environment

Paula Toro-Mujica, Claudio Aguilar, Raúl Vera and Karen Cornejo
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Effects of Rosmarinus officinalis L. as essential oils or in form of leaves supplementation on goat’s production and metabolic statute

Samir Smeti, Hadhami Hajji, Kahena Bouzid, et al.
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Carcass traits and meat fatty acid composition of Barbarine lambs reared on rangelands or indoors on hay and concentrate

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Performance of indigenous and exotic×indigenous sheep breeds fed different diets in spring and the efficiency of feeding system in crop–livestock farming

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Circannual body reserve dynamics and metabolic profile changes in Romane ewes grazing on rangelands

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Review: Water stress in sheep raised under arid conditions

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Does the Fat Tailed Damara Ovine Breed Have a Distinct Lipid Metabolism Leading to a High Concentration of Branched Chain Fatty Acids in Tissues?

Susana P. Alves, Rui J. B. Bessa, Mário A. G. Quaresma, et al.
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Effects of Medium‐Voltage Electrical Stimulation on Postmortem Changes in Fat‐Tailed Sheep

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Comparison of growth curves of lamb fat tail measurements and their relationship with body weight in Babarine sheep

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The effects of metabolizable energy intake on body fat depots of adult Pelibuey ewes fed roughage diets under tropical conditions

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Merits of the fat-tailed Barbarine sheep raised in different production systems in Tunisia: digestive, productive and reproductive characteristics

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High-fat diet leads to tissue-specific changes reflecting risk factors for diseases in DBA/2J mice

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Supplementation with barley or spineless cactus (Opuntia ficus indica f. inermis) cladodes on digestion, growth and intramuscular fatty acid composition in sheep and goats receiving oaten hay

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