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Acoustic detection of the effects of prolonged fasting on newly hatched broiler chickens

Gerardo José Ginovart-Panisello, Ignasi Iriondo, Tesa Panisello Monjo, Silvia Riva, Rodrigo Garcia, Javier Valls and Rosa Ma Alsina-Pagès
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Impact of β-glucan dietary supplementation on productive, reproductive performance and physiological response of laying hens under heat stress conditions

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Embryonic thermal manipulation of poultry birds: Lucrative and deleterious effects

Karim M. Khalil, Saad El‐Shater, Hamdy Rizk and Elsayed Khalifa
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Effect of thermal manipulation on embryonic development, hatching process, and chick quality under heat-stress conditions

Ebtsam Iraqi, Ali Abdel Hady, Nadia Elsayed, Hanaa Khalil, Amina El-Saadany and Karim El-Sabrout
Poultry Science 103 (1) 103257 (2024)

Growth performance, histological and physiological responses of heat-stressed broilers in response to short periods of incubation during egg storage and thermal conditioning

Sayed A. Abdel-Fattah, Mahmoud Madkour, Mona A. Hemida and Mohamed Shourrap
Scientific Reports 14 (1) (2024)

Incubation Temperature and Lighting: Effect on Embryonic Development, Post-Hatch Growth, and Adaptive Response

Servet YALCIN, Sezen Özkan and Tahir Shah
Frontiers in Physiology 13 (2022)

Advances in epigenetic mechanisms of chick embryo heat acclimation

Peng Xu, Hai Lin, Hongchao Jiao, Jingpeng Zhao and Xiaojuan Wang
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Influence of temperature during incubation on the mRNA levels of temperature sensitive ion channels in the brain of broiler chicken embryos

Sara Maria Daniel Verlinden, Tomas Norton, Mona Lilian Vestbjerg Larsen, Martine Schroyen, Ali Youssef and Nadia Everaert
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Effect of temperature manipulation during incubation on body weight, plasma parameters, muscle histology, and expression of myogenic genes in breast muscle of embryos and broiler chickens from two commercial strains

S. Yalcin, M. Aksit, S. Ozkan, M. Hassanzadeh, G. Bilgen, I. B. Helva, G. T. Izzetoglu, J. Buyse and M. C. Yılmaz
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Mitigating the detrimental effects of heat stress in poultry through thermal conditioning and nutritional manipulation

Mahmoud Madkour, Fatma M. Salman, Ibrahim El-Wardany, Sayed A. Abdel-Fattah, Mahmoud Alagawany, Nesrein M. Hashem, Sameh A. Abdelnour, Mohamed S. El-Kholy and Kuldeep Dhama
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Identification of different critical embryonic periods to modify egg incubation temperature in mule ducks

C. Andrieux, S. Biasutti, J. Barrieu, P. Morganx, M. Morisson, V. Coustham, S. Panserat and M. Houssier
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Prenatal thermal stress affects acute-phase proteins, heat shock protein 70, and circulating corticosterone in developing broiler embryos and neonates

S.A. Hanafi, I. Zulkifli, S.K. Ramiah, E.L.T. Chung, E.A. Awad and A.Q. Sazili
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Effects of Thermal Manipulation on mRNA Regulation of Response Genes Regarding Improvement of Thermotolerance Adaptation in Chickens during Embryogenesis

Suriya Kumari Ramiah, Krishnan Nair Balakrishnan, Yashini Subramaniam, Oluwaseun Serah Iyasere and Zulkifli Idrus
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Embryonic thermal manipulation and dietary fat source during acute heat stress: 1. effect on hatchability and broiler performance

K.E. Brannan, K.A. Livingston and C. Jansen van Rensburg
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Incubation and hatching conditions of laying hen chicks explain a large part of the stress effects from commercial large-scale hatcheries

Louise Hedlund and Per Jensen
Poultry Science 100 (1) 1 (2021)

Embryonic thermal manipulation of Japanese quail: effects on embryonic development, hatchability, and post-hatch performance

Saad N. El-Shater, Hamdy Rizk, Hisham A. Abdelrahman, Mohamed A. Awad, Elsayed F. Khalifa and Karim M. Khalil
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Embryonic thermal manipulation and dietary fat source during acute heat stress: 2. Effect on broiler carcass characteristics and breast muscle myopathies

K.E. Brannan, M.L. Livingston, B. Wall, K.A. Livingston and C. Jansen van Rensburg
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Heat stress and poultry production: impact and amelioration

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Embryonic thermal manipulation impacts the postnatal transcriptome response of heat-challenged Japanese quails

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HSF3 and Hsp70 Expression during Post-Hatch Cold Stress in Broiler Chickens Subjected to Embryonic Thermal Manipulation

Amneh Tarkhan, Khaled Saleh and Mohammad Al-Zghoul
Veterinary Sciences 7 (2) 49 (2020)

Embryonic thermal manipulation has short and long-term effects on the development and the physiology of the Japanese quail

Anaïs Vitorino Carvalho, Christelle Hennequet-Antier, Sabine Crochet, et al.
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Effect of embryonic thermal manipulation on heat shock protein 70 (HSP70) expression and subsequent immune response to post-hatch lipopolysaccharide challenge in Pekin ducklings

R. Shanmugasundaram, M. Wick and M.S. Lilburn
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Effect of High Temperature During First and Second Halves of Incubation on Layer Chicken Embryo Physiology

D. Nideou, O. N`nanle, Y.A.E. Kouame, et al.
International Journal of Poultry Science 18 (12) 626 (2019)

Positive Impact of Thermal Manipulation During Embryogenesis on Foie Gras Production in Mule Ducks

William Massimino, Stéphane Davail, Marie-Dominique Bernadet, et al.
Frontiers in Physiology 10 (2019)

Morphological Investigations of the Effect of Thermal Manipulation During Embryogenesis on Body Performance and Structure of Pectoral and Thigh Muscle of Ross Broiler Chicken

AS Dalab and AM Ali
Brazilian Journal of Poultry Science 21 (4) (2019)

Effect of Pre- and Post-hatch Thermal Conditioning on Productive Performance, Some Metabolic Hormones and Breast Muscles Growth of Broilers Chicks

S.A. Abdel-Fatt, M.I. Shourrap and Mona A. Hemida
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Heat Shock Proteins in Veterinary Medicine and Sciences

Peter F. Surai and Ivan I. Kochish
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l-Leucine acts as a potential agent in reducing body temperature at hatching and affords thermotolerance in broiler chicks

Guofeng Han, Hui Yang, Mohammad A. Bahry, et al.
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Incubation temperature and time of hatch impact broiler muscle growth and morphology

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Effect of low incubation temperature and low ambient temperature until 21 days of age on performance and body temperature in fast-growing chickens

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Thermal manipulation during late embryogenesis: Effect on body weight and temperature, thyroid hormones, and differential white blood cell counts in broiler chickens

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Incubation Temperature during Fetal Development Influences Morphophysiological Characteristics and Preferred Ambient Temperature of Chicken Hatchlings

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Incubation temperature alters thermal preference and response to heat stress of broiler chickens along the rearing phase

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Effect of High Incubation Temperature on the Blood Parameters of Layer Chicks

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Influence of thermal stimulation during the late phase of incubation on hatching results and post-hatch broiler performance under commercial conditions

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Thermal stimulation of Ross®-lineage embryos on a commercial scale

Fernanda Flores, Irenilza de Alencar Nääs, Rodrigo Garófallo Garcia and Lenise Inácio de Souza
Ciência Rural 46 (9) 1668 (2016)

Effect of Thermal Embryonic Manipulation on the Quality of Male and Female Broiler Meat Submitted to Thermal Stress Pre-Slaughter

JIM Fernandes, TC Santos, IN Kaneko, et al.
Revista Brasileira de Ciência Avícola 18 (2) 343 (2016)

Effect of prenatal temperature conditioning of laying hen embryos: Hatching, live performance and response to heat and cold stress during laying period

S. Kamanli, I. Durmuş, S. Yalçın, U. Yıldırım and Ö. Meral
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Hsp90, Hsp60 and HSF-1 genes expression in muscle, heart and brain of thermally manipulated broiler chicken

Mohammad-Borhan Al-Zghoul, Zuhair Bani Ismail, Abd Elhafeed S. Dalab, et al.
Research in Veterinary Science 99 105 (2015)

Cyclic variations in incubation conditions induce adaptive responses to later heat exposure in chickens: a review

T. Loyau, L. Bedrani, C. Berri, et al.
Animal 9 (1) 76 (2015)

Low-intensity, short-duration thermal stimulation during the late phase of incubation alters secondary sex ratio in favour of males

A. Elmehdawi, M. Hall, P. Skewes, et al.
British Poultry Science 56 (3) 381 (2015)

The effects of different eggshell temperatures on embryonic development, hatchability, chick quality, and first-week broiler performance

A. Ipek, U. Sahan, S.C. Baycan and A. Sozcu
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Exposure of embryos to cyclically cold incubation temperatures durably affects energy metabolism and antioxidant pathways in broiler chickens

T. Loyau, A. Collin, Ç. Yenisey, et al.
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Thermal manipulation during chicken embryogenesis results in enhanced Hsp70 gene expression and the acquisition of thermotolerance

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Skeletal Muscle Characteristics of Broiler Chickens under Modified Incubation Factors

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Thermal manipulation of the embryo modifies the physiology and body composition of broiler chickens reared in floor pens without affecting breast meat processing quality1

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Polymorphisms of beta-lactoglobulin promoter region in three Sicilian goat breeds

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The effects of thermal manipulations during early and late embryogenesis on body temperatures of Japanese quails (Coturnix coturnix japonica)

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Study of polymorphisms in the promoter region of ovine β-lactoglobulin gene and phylogenetic analysis among the Valle del Belice breed and other sheep breeds considered as ancestors

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