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Effects of Cultivar, Nitrogen Rate and Harvest Time on the Content of Carbohydrates and Protein in the Biomass of Perennial Ryegrass

Marzenna Olszewska
Agronomy 11 (3) 468 (2021)

A route to decreasing N pollution from livestock: Use of Festulolium hybrids improves efficiency of N flows in rumen simulation fermenters

Stephen Kamau, Alejandro Belanche, Teri Davies, Pauline Rees Stevens, Mike Humphreys and Alison H. Kingston‐Smith
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Lamb Fattening Under Intensive Pasture-Based Systems: A Review

Gonzalo Fernandez-Turren, José L. Repetto, José M. Arroyo, Analía Pérez-Ruchel and Cecilia Cajarville
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Does the “high sugar” trait of perennial ryegrass cultivars express under temperate climate conditions?

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Molecular Enhancement of Alfalfa: Improving Quality Traits for Superior Livestock Performance and Reduced Environmental Impact

Stacy D. Singer, Randall J. Weselake and Surya Acharya
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Distributions of emissions intensity for individual beef cattle reared on pasture-based production systems

G.A. McAuliffe, T. Takahashi, R.J. Orr, P. Harris and M.R.F. Lee
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Molecular breeding of transgenic perennial ryegrass (Lolium perenne L.) with altered fructan biosynthesis through the expression of fructosyltransferases

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Effects of the replacement of concentrate and fibre-rich hay by high-quality hay on chewing, rumination and nutrient digestibility in non-lactating Holstein cows

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Quantitative trait loci associated with different polar metabolites in perennial ryegrass - providing scope for breeding towards increasing certain polar metabolites

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Forage quality declines with rising temperatures, with implications for livestock production and methane emissions

Mark A. Lee, Aaron P. Davis, Mizeck G. G. Chagunda and Pete Manning
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Assessment of soil water, carbon and nitrogen cycling in reseeded grassland on the North Wyke Farm Platform using a process-based model

Yuefen Li, Yi Liu, Paul Harris, et al.
Science of The Total Environment 603-604 27 (2017)

Low-cost automated biochemical phenotyping for optimised nutrient quality components in ryegrass breeding

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T. Blackmore, D. Thorogood, L. Skøt, et al.
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The potential of novelFestulolium(2n = 4x = 28) hybrids as productive, nutrient-use-efficient fodder for ruminants

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Latitudinal variation in ambient UV-B radiation is an important determinant of Lolium perenne forage production, quality, and digestibility

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Masahito Oba
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Morphological Characteristics of Perennial Ryegrass Leaves that Influence Short-Term Intake in Dairy Cows

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Effects of upland pastures sown with two contrasting Lolium perenne varieties on the performance of beef steers when compared to steers grazing permanent pastures

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