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Effect of Dietary Insoluble and Soluble Fibre on Growth Performance, Digestibility, and Nitrogen, Energy, and Mineral Retention Efficiency in Growing Rabbits

Carlos Farías-Kovac, Nuria Nicodemus, Rebeca Delgado, César Ocasio-Vega, Tamia Noboa, Ramadan Allam-Sayed Abdelrasoul, Rosa Carabaño and Javier García
Animals 10 (8) 1346 (2020)

Characterisation and In Vitro Evaluation of Fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum) Seed Gum as a Potential Prebiotic in Growing Rabbit Nutrition

Jihed Zemzmi, Luis Ródenas, Enrique Blas, Taha Najar and Juan José Pascual
Animals 10 (6) 1041 (2020)

Effect of increasing lignin in isoenergetic diets at two soluble fibre levels on digestion, performance and carcass quality of growing rabbits

L. Caîsin, E. Martínez-Paredes, L. Ródenas, V.J. Moya, J.J. Pascual, C. Cervera, E. Blas and M. Pascual
Animal Feed Science and Technology 262 114396 (2020)

Effects of dietary sorghum dried distiller's grains with solubles on growth performance, diet nutrient digestibility, carcass characteristics and immunity in growing rabbits

Yanhong Yang, Yingchun Shen, Yuanqing Pan, Pei Xia, Deguang Zhang, Zhifei He, Jiqiong Yang, Hongjun Li and Jingzhi Lu
Journal of Animal Physiology and Animal Nutrition 103 (1) 363 (2019)

Sensitivity of Coriandrum sativum extract on bacterial pathogens isolated from digestive system of rabbits, and its role on in vitro cecal gas production and fermentation

Maria Antonia Mariezcurrena-Berasain, Gisela Velázquez-Garduño, Perla Mabel Marín-Mendoza, Alberto Barbabosa Pliego, Luis Fernando Vega Castillo, Benjamín Valladares Carranza, Ameer Khusro, Eziuche Amadike Ugbogu and Abdelfattah Z.M. Salem
Microbial Pathogenesis 123 18 (2018)

Effect of substituting guinea grass with sunflower hulls on production performance and digestion traits in fattening rabbits

G.Y. Liu, C.R. Sun, X.Y. Zhao, H.L. Liu, Z.Y. Wu and F.C. Li
World Rabbit Science 26 (3) 217 (2018)

Effect of level of soluble fiber and n-6/n-3 fatty acid ratio on performance of rabbit does and their litters

Rebeca Delgado, Rodrigo Abad-Guamán, Nuria Nicodemus, María Jesús Villamide, Noemí Ruiz-López, Rosa Carabaño, David Menoyo and Javier García
Journal of Animal Science 96 (3) 1084 (2018)

Comparative in vitro study of caecal microbial activity in brown hares and domestic rabbits which were offered the same diet

Dorota Miśta, B. Króliczewska, E. Pecka-Kiełb, J. Piekarska, M. Marounek and W. Zawadzki
Mammal Research 63 (3) 285 (2018)

Influence of inoculum type (ileal, caecal and faecal) on the in vitro fermentation of different sources of carbohydrates in rabbits

Rodrigo Abad-Guzmán, Jose Antonio Larrea-Dávalos, Rosa Carabaño, Javier García and Maria Dolores Carro
World Rabbit Science 26 (3) 227 (2018)

Effects of the particle of ground alfalfa hay on the growth performance, methane production and archaeal populations of rabbits

Siqiang Liu, Mei Yuan, Dingxing Jin, Zhisheng Wang, Huawei Zou, Lizhi Wang, Bai Xue, De Wu, Gang Tian, Jingyi Cai, Tianhai Yan, Quanhui Peng and Alex V. Chaves
PLOS ONE 13 (9) e0203393 (2018)

Effect of substitution of oat hulls for traditional fiber source on digestion and performance of fattening rabbits

S Liangzhan, J Xiang, Z Caixia, F Zhaohui and L Fuchang
animal 11 (06) 968 (2017)

Effect of diet supplementation with live yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae on growth performance, caecal ecosystem and health of growing rabbits

T. Belhassen, A. Bonai, ZS. Gerencsér, et al.
World Rabbit Science 24 (3) 191 (2016)

Digestion, growth performance and caecal fermentation in growing rabbits fed diets containing foliage of browse trees

S.H. Abu Hafsa, A.Z.M. Salem, A.A. Hassan, et al.
World Rabbit Science 24 (4) 283 (2016)

The effect of 1-week feed restriction on performance, digestibility of nutrients and digestive system development in the growing rabbit

E. Tůmová, Z. Volek, D. Chodová, et al.
animal 10 (01) 1 (2016)

Pregastric and caecal fermentation pattern in Syrian hamsters

Milan Marounek, Jakub Mrázek, Zdeněk Volek, Eva Skřivanová and Jiří Killer
Mammalia 80 (1) (2016)

In Vitro Study and Comparison of Caecal Methanogenesis and Fermentation Pattern in the Brown Hare (Lepus europaeus) and Domestic Rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus)

Dorota Miśta, Bożena Króliczewska, Milan Marounek, et al.
PLOS ONE 10 (1) e0117117 (2015)

Optimizing feed efficiency and nitrogen excretion in growing rabbits by increasing dietary energy with high-starch, high-soluble fibre, low-insoluble fibre supply at low protein levels

M. Tazzoli, A. Trocino, M. Birolo, G. Radaelli and G. Xiccato
Livestock Science 172 59 (2015)

Dehydrated chicory pulp as an alternative soluble fibre source in diets for growing rabbits

L. Maertens, H. Guermah and A. Trocino
World Rabbit Science 22 (2) 97 (2014)

Morphological and functional events associated to weaning in rabbits

B. L. Bivolarski and E. G. Vachkova
Journal of Animal Physiology and Animal Nutrition 98 (1) 9 (2014)

Effect of inclusion of distillers dried grains and solubles from barley, wheat and corn in isonutritive diets on the performance and caecal environment of growing rabbits

G. Alagón, O. N. Arce, E. Martínez-Paredes, et al.
World Rabbit Science 22 (3) 195 (2014)

Early modulation of the cecal microbial activity in the young rabbit with rapidly fermentable fiber: Impact on health and growth1

V. Jacquier, S. Combes, I. P. Oswald, C. Rogel-Gaillard and T. Gidenne
Journal of Animal Science 92 (12) 5551 (2014)

Partial replacement of starch with acid detergent fibre and/or neutral detergent soluble fibre at two protein levels: Effects on ileal apparent digestibility and caecal environment of growing rabbits

B. Martínez-Vallespín, E. Martínez-Paredes, L. Ródenas, et al.
Livestock Science 154 (1-3) 123 (2013)

Quantification of soluble fibre in feedstuffs for rabbits and evaluation of the interference between the determinations of soluble fibre and intestinal mucin

R. Abad, M.A. Ibáñez, R. Carabaño and J. García
Animal Feed Science and Technology 182 (1-4) 61 (2013)

Characterisation of caecal microbial diversity of lactating does and their offspring given diets with different neutral detergent soluble to insoluble fibre ratios

Norelys Rodríguez-Romero, Leticia Abecia, Beatriz Martínez-Vallespín and Manuel Fondevila
Antonie van Leeuwenhoek 103 (5) 1057 (2013)

Microbial ecosystem and fermentation traits in the caecum of growing rabbits given diets varying in neutral detergent soluble and insoluble fibre levels

Norelys Rodríguez-Romero, Leticia Abecia and Manuel Fondevila
Anaerobe 20 50 (2013)

Protein replacement by digestible fibre in the diet of growing rabbits. 1: Impact on digestive balance, nitrogen excretion and microbial activity

T. Gidenne, S. Combes and L. Fortun-Lamothe
Animal Feed Science and Technology 183 (3-4) 132 (2013)

Soluble fibre, starch and protein level in diets for growing rabbits: Effects on digestive efficiency and productive traits

A. Trocino, M. Fragkiadakis, D. Majolini, et al.
Animal Feed Science and Technology 180 (1-4) 73 (2013)

Combined effects of supplementation of diets with hops and of a substitution of starch with soluble fiber on feed efficiency and prevention of digestive disorders in rabbits

I. Grueso, J.C. De Blas, P. Cachaldora, et al.
Animal Feed Science and Technology 180 (1-4) 92 (2013)

Engineering the rabbit digestive ecosystem to improve digestive health and efficacy

S. Combes, L. Fortun-Lamothe, L. Cauquil and T. Gidenne
animal 7 (09) 1429 (2013)

A meta-analysis on the role of soluble fibre in diets for growing rabbits

Angela Trocino, Javier García Alonso, Rosa Carabaño and Gerolamo Xiccato
World Rabbit Science 21 (1) (2013)

Effect of dietary type and level of fibre on rabbit carcass yield and its microbiological characteristics

I. Margüenda, N. Nicodemus, S. Vadillo, et al.
Livestock Science 145 (1-3) 7 (2012)

Effect of the increase of dietary starch and soluble fibre on digestive efficiency and growth performance of meat rabbits

A. Trocino, M. Fragkiadakis, D. Majolini, R. Carabaño and G. Xiccato
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The effect of Linola and W92/72 transgenic flax seeds on the rabbit caecal fermentation - in vitro study

D. Miśta, B. Króliczewska, W. Zawadzki, et al.
Polish Journal of Veterinary Sciences 14 (4) (2011)

Effect of grinding size of barley and dehydrated alfalfa on performance and body composition of does during their early reproductive cycles

C. Romero, N. Nicodemus, C.G. Martínez de Morentin, A.I. García and C. de Blas
Livestock Science 140 (1-3) 55 (2011)

Effect of type of grinding of barley and dehydrated alfalfa on performance, digestion, and crude mucin ileal concentration in growing rabbits1

C. Romero, N. Nicodemus, J. D. Rodríguez, A. I. García and C. de Blas
Journal of Animal Science 89 (8) 2472 (2011)

Effect of dietary soluble fibre level and protein source on growth, digestion, caecal activity and health of fattening rabbits

Angela Trocino, M. Fragkiadakis, G. Radaelli and Gerolamo Xiccato
World Rabbit Science 18 (4) (2010)

Effect of level of fibre and type of grinding on the performance of rabbit does and their litters during the first three lactations

N. Nicodemus, R. Redondo, L. Pérez-Alba, et al.
Livestock Science 129 (1-3) 186 (2010)

Caecal fermentation patterns in vitro of glucose, cellobiose, microcrystalline cellulose and NDF separated from alfalfa hay in the adult rabbit

H.J. Yang, Y.C. Cao and D.F. Zhang
Animal Feed Science and Technology 162 (3-4) 149 (2010)

Effect of neutral detergent soluble fibre on digestion, intestinal microbiota and performance in twenty five day old weaned rabbits

María Soledad Gómez-Conde, Ana Pérez de Rozas, Ignacio Badiola, et al.
Livestock Science 125 (2-3) 192 (2009)

Effects of age and mannanoligosaccharides supplementation on production of volatile fatty acids in the caecum of rabbits

C.M. Guedes, J.L. Mourão, S.R. Silva, et al.
Animal Feed Science and Technology 150 (3-4) 330 (2009)

Effects of fibre level and dietary mannanoligosaccharides on digestibility, caecal volatile fatty acids and performances of growing rabbits

V. Pinheiro, C.M. Guedes, D. Outor-Monteiro and J.L. Mourão
Animal Feed Science and Technology 148 (2-4) 288 (2009)

Maturation of the intestinal digestion and of microbial activity in the young rabbit: Impact of the dietary fibre:starch ratio

T. Gidenne, L. Debray, L. Fortun-Lamothe and I. Le Huërou-Luron
Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology Part A: Molecular & Integrative Physiology 148 (4) 834 (2007)

Effect of substitution of a soybean hull and grape seed meal mixture for traditional fiber sources on digestion and performance of growing rabbits and lactating does1

N. Nicodemus, J. García, R. Carabaño and J. C. De Blas
Journal of Animal Science 85 (1) 181 (2007)

Effect of a reduction of dietary particle size by substituting a mixture of fibrous by-products for lucerne hay on performance and digestion of growing rabbits and lactating does

N. Nicodemus, J. García, R. Carabaño and J.C. De Blas
Livestock Science 100 (2-3) 242 (2006)

Effects of alfalfa, wheat bran or beet pulp, with or without sunflower oil, on caecal fermentation and on digestibility in the rabbit

Luisa Falcão-e-Cunha, Helena Peres, João P. B. Freire and Luís Castro-Solla
Animal Feed Science and Technology 117 (1-2) 131 (2004)

Inter-relationship of microbial activity, digestion and gut health in the rabbit: effect of substituting fibre by starch in diets having a high proportion of rapidly fermentable polysaccharides

Thierry Gidenne, Nathalie Jehl, André Lapanouse and Muriel Segura
British Journal of Nutrition 92 (01) 95 (2004)