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Effect of Dietary Supplementation with Lipids of Different Unsaturation Degree on Feed Efficiency and Milk Fatty Acid Profile in Dairy Sheep

Gonzalo Hervás, Pablo G. Toral, Cristina Fernández-Díez, Antonella Della Badia and Pilar Frutos
Animals 11 (8) 2476 (2021)

Effects of Inclusion of Schizochytrium spp. and Forage-to-Concentrate Ratios on Goats’ Milk Quality and Oxidative Status

Alexandros Mavrommatis, Kyriaki Sotirakoglou, Charalampos Kamilaris and Eleni Tsiplakou
Foods 10 (6) 1322 (2021)

Rumen biohydrogenation and milk fatty acid profile in dairy ewes divergent for feed efficiency

P.G. Toral, G. Hervás, C. Fernández-Díez, A. Belenguer and P. Frutos
Journal of Dairy Science 104 (5) 5569 (2021)

Milk Fatty Acid Profiles in Different Animal Species: Focus on the Potential Effect of Selected PUFAs on Metabolism and Brain Functions

Maria Mollica, Giovanna Trinchese, Fabiano Cimmino, Eduardo Penna, Gina Cavaliere, Raffaella Tudisco, Nadia Musco, Claudia Manca, Angela Catapano, Marcellino Monda, Paolo Bergamo, Sebastiano Banni, Federico Infascelli, Pietro Lombardi and Marianna Crispino
Nutrients 13 (4) 1111 (2021)

Coagulation process in Manchega sheep milk from Spain: A path analysis approach

A. Figueroa Sánchez, J. Perea Muñoz, J. Caballero-Villalobos, R. Arias Sánchez, A. Garzón and E. Angón Sánchez de Pedro
Journal of Dairy Science 104 (7) 7544 (2021)

Invited review: Role of rumen biohydrogenation intermediates and rumen microbes in diet-induced milk fat depression: An update

L. Dewanckele, P.G. Toral, B. Vlaeminck and V. Fievez
Journal of Dairy Science 103 (9) 7655 (2020)

Relationships between trans-10 shift indicators and milk fat traits in dairy ewes: Insights into milk fat depression

P.G. Toral, R. Gervais, G. Hervás, M.-P. Létourneau-Montminy and P. Frutos
Animal Feed Science and Technology 261 114389 (2020)

Production Performance, Nutrient Digestibility, and Milk Composition of Dairy Ewes Supplemented with Crushed Sunflower Seeds and Sunflower Seed Silage in Corn Silage-Based Diets

Eduardo Cardoso-Gutiérrez, Alondra Cristel Narváez-López, Lizbeth E. Robles-Jiménez, et al.
Animals 10 (12) 2354 (2020)

The effects of dietary lipids and roughage level on dairy goat performance, milk physicochemical composition, apparent transfer efficiency and biohydrogenation rate of milk fatty acids

S. Büyükkılıç Beyzi, M. Gorgulu, H. R. Kutlu and Y. Konca
The Journal of Agricultural Science 158 (4) 288 (2020)

Bioactive compounds from pomegranate by-products increase the in vitro ruminal accumulation of potentially health promoting fatty acids

Antonio Natalello, Gonzalo Hervás, Pablo G. Toral, et al.
Animal Feed Science and Technology 259 114355 (2020)

Ability of tannins to modulate ruminal lipid metabolism and milk and meat fatty acid profiles

P. Frutos, G. Hervás, A. Natalello, G. Luciano, M. Fondevila, A. Priolo and P.G. Toral
Animal Feed Science and Technology 269 114623 (2020)

Sheep and Goats Respond Differently to Feeding Strategies Directed to Improve the Fatty Acid Profile of Milk Fat

Anna Nudda, Antonello Cannas, Fabio Correddu, Alberto Stanislao Atzori, Mondina Francesca Lunesu, Gianni Battacone and Giuseppe Pulina
Animals 10 (8) 1290 (2020)

Dynamic Alterations in Yak Rumen Bacteria Community and Metabolome Characteristics in Response to Feed Type

Chang Liu, Hao Wu, Shujie Liu, et al.
Frontiers in Microbiology 10 (2019)

Prediction of Milk Coagulation Properties and Individual Cheese Yield in Sheep Using Partial Least Squares Regression

Massimo Cellesi, Fabio Correddu, Maria Grazia Manca, et al.
Animals 9 (9) 663 (2019)

Estimates of heritability and genetic correlations for milk coagulation properties and individual laboratory cheese yield in Sarda ewes

A. Puledda, G. Gaspa, M.G. Manca, et al.
Animal 11 (6) 920 (2017)

The response of goats to different starch/NDF ratios of concentrates on the milk chemical composition, fatty acid profile, casein fractions and rennet clotting properties

E. Tsiplakou, L. Yiasoumis, A.C. Maragou, et al.
Small Ruminant Research 156 82 (2017)

Effects of soybean oil inclusion in the pre-lambing diet on udder size, colostrum secretion, and offspring thermoregulation and growth in hair-breed ewes

U. Macías-Cruz, A. Mejía-Vázquez, R. Vicente-Pérez, et al.
Livestock Science 204 7 (2017)

Whole exhausted berries of Myrtus communis L. supplied to dairy ewes: Effects on milk production traits and blood metabolites

A. Nudda, F. Correddu, A.S. Atzori, et al.
Small Ruminant Research 155 33 (2017)

mRNA abundance of genes involved in mammary lipogenesis during fish oil- or trans-10,cis-12 CLA-induced milk fat depression in dairy ewes

P.G. Toral, G. Hervás, A. Belenguer, D. Carreño and P. Frutos
Journal of Dairy Science 100 (4) 3182 (2017)

Whey protein gel composites in the diet of goats increased the omega‐3 and omega‐6 content of milk fat

J. A. Weinstein, S. J. Taylor, M. Rosenberg and E. J. DePeters
Journal of Animal Physiology and Animal Nutrition 100 (4) 789 (2016)

Legume grain-based supplements in dairy sheep diet: effects on milk yield, composition and fatty acid profile

Adriana Bonanno, Antonino Di Grigoli, Francesca Vitale, et al.
Animal Production Science 56 (1) 130 (2016)

Isolation of RNA from milk somatic cells as an alternative to biopsies of mammary tissue for nutrigenomic studies in dairy ewes

P.G. Toral, G. Hervás, A. Suárez-Vega, J.J. Arranz and P. Frutos
Journal of Dairy Science 99 (10) 8461 (2016)

Fish oil-induced milk fat depression and associated downregulation of mammary lipogenic genes in dairy ewes

D. Carreño, G. Hervás, P.G. Toral, T. Castro-Carrera and P. Frutos
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Derivation of multivariate indices of milk composition, coagulation properties, and individual cheese yield in dairy sheep

M.G. Manca, J. Serdino, G. Gaspa, et al.
Journal of Dairy Science 99 (6) 4547 (2016)

Comparison of milk fatty acid responses during fish oil- and trans-10 cis-12 18:2-induced milk fat depression in dairy ewes

P.G. Toral, G. Hervás, D. Carreño, A. Belenguer and P. Frutos
Animal Feed Science and Technology 210 66 (2015)

Milk fatty acid composition, rumen microbial population, and animal performances in response to diets rich in linoleic acid supplemented with chestnut or quebracho tannins in dairy ewes

A. Buccioni, M. Pauselli, C. Viti, et al.
Journal of Dairy Science 98 (2) 1145 (2015)

Short communication: Relationships between the daily intake of unsaturated plant lipids and the contents of major milk fatty acids in dairy goats

Andrés L. Martínez Marín, Nieves Núñez Sánchez, Ana I. Garzón Sigler, Francisco Peña Blanco and Miguel Angel De la Fuente
Spanish Journal of Agricultural Research 13 (2) e06SC03 (2015)

Metaanálisis del uso de semillas y aceites en la dieta de ovejas y cabras

Andrés Luis Martínez Marín, Nieves Núñez Sánchez, Ana Isabel Garzón Sigler, et al.
Pesquisa Agropecuária Brasileira 50 (9) 821 (2015)

Effect of stoned olive pomace on rumen microbial communities and polyunsaturated fatty acid biohydrogenation: an in vitro study

Grazia Pallara, Arianna Buccioni, Roberta Pastorelli, et al.
BMC Veterinary Research 10 (1) 271 (2014)

Effect of Quebracho Tannin Extract on Soybean and Linseed Oil Biohydrogenation by Solid Associated Bacteria: Anin vitroStudy

Sara Minieri, Arianna Buccioni, Stefano Rapaccini, et al.
Italian Journal of Animal Science 13 (3) 3267 (2014)

Feeding strategies to design the fatty acid profile of sheep milk and cheese

Anna Nudda, Gianni Battacone, Oscar Boaventura Neto, et al.
Revista Brasileira de Zootecnia 43 (8) 445 (2014)

Effect of the supplementation of dairy sheep diet with incremental amounts of sunflower oil on animal performance and milk fatty acid profile

P. Gómez-Cortés, P.G. Toral, P. Frutos, et al.
Food Chemistry 125 (2) 644 (2011)

Effects of different forage:concentrate ratios in dairy ewe diets supplemented with sunflower oil on animal performance and milk fatty acid profile

P. Gómez-Cortés, M.A. de la Fuente, P.G. Toral, et al.
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Enrichment of Pecorino cheese with conjugated linoleic acid by feeding dairy ewes with extruded linseed: Effect on fatty acid and triglycerides composition and on oxidative stability

Marcello Mele, Giovanna Contarini, Luisito Cercaci, et al.
International Dairy Journal 21 (5) 365 (2011)

Quantitative determination of conjugated linoleic acid isomers by silver ion HPLC in ewe milk fat

José Luis Rodríguez-Castañedas, María Jesús Peña-Egido, Matilde García-Marino and Concepción García-Moreno
Journal of Food Composition and Analysis 24 (7) 1004 (2011)

Designing milk fat to improve healthfulness and functional properties of dairy products: from feeding strategies to a genetic approach

Marcello Mele
Italian Journal of Animal Science 8 (sup2) 365 (2009)

Effect of forage/concentrate ratio and soybean oil supplementation on in vitro fatty acid profile of sheep rumen liquor

Arianna Buccioni, Mauro Antongiovanni, Sara Minieri and Stefano Rapaccini
Italian Journal of Animal Science 8 (sup2) 274 (2009)

Addition of Olive Oil to Dairy Ewe Diets: Effect on Milk Fatty Acid Profile and Animal Performance

P. Gómez-Cortés, P. Frutos, A.R. Mantecón, et al.
Journal of Dairy Science 91 (8) 3119 (2008)

Cheese making aptitude and the chemical and nutritional characteristics of milk from Massese ewes

Mina Martini, Marcello Mele, Cosima Scolozzi and Federica Salari
Italian Journal of Animal Science 7 (4) 419 (2008)

The effect of diet, parity, year and number of kids on milk yield and milk composition in Maltese goat

D. Carnicella, M. Dario, Maria Consuelo Caribe Ayres, V. Laudadio and C. Dario
Small Ruminant Research 77 (1) 71 (2008)

Front face fluorescence spectroscopy: a rapid tool for determining the effect of replacing soybean meal with scotch bean in the ration on the quality of Sicilo-Sarde ewe’s milk during lactation period

Hamadi Rouissi, Sami Dridi, Mounir Kammoun, Josse De Baerdemaeker and Romdhane Karoui
European Food Research and Technology 226 (5) 1021 (2008)

Effect of soybean oil supplementation on milk fatty acid composition from Saanen goats fed diets with different forage:concentrate ratios

Marcello Mele, Andrea Serra, Arianna Buccioni, et al.
Italian Journal of Animal Science 7 (3) 297 (2008)

Milk Production, Conjugated Linoleic Acid Content, and In Vitro Ruminal Fermentation in Response to High Levels of Soybean Oil in Dairy Ewe Diet

P. Gómez-Cortés, P. Frutos, A.R. Mantecón, et al.
Journal of Dairy Science 91 (4) 1560 (2008)

Effect of diet supplementation with sunflower oil on milk production, fatty acid profile and ruminal fermentation in lactating dairy ewes

Gonzalo Hervás, Pilar Luna, Ángel R. Mantecón, et al.
Journal of Dairy Research 75 (04) 399 (2008)

Whole extruded linseed in the diet of dairy ewes during early lactation: effect on the fatty acid composition of milk and cheese

M. Mele, A. Serra, G. Conte, A. Pollicardo, M. Del Viva and P. Secchiari
Italian Journal of Animal Science 6 (sup1) 560 (2007)